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Important documents

Application for Personal Credit

You can download and fill out the application by hand. Once completed please send into us. Be assured that we will not do a credit check without your permission.


Credit Authorization Form

By signing this form, you will certify that you are applying for the accounts and services indicated on the Mortgage Application. You will authorize Client First Mortgage Solutions to obtain and/or exchange personal information with any agent towards establishing or verifying your financial standing.


Gift Letter

With the high price of housing these days, more buyers are turning to the “Bank of Mom and Dad” for help in acquiring a new home. Often, this takes the form of the parent advancing funds for a down payment. Typically, banks will require confirmation that the parental assistance is a gift and not a loan. The person giving the gift must be an immediate family member. Note that some Lenders require you to complete their own branded gift letter. You will need to provide proof to the lender that the gift has been deposited into your account in advance of the closing date.


To-Do List

You mortgage broker will provide you with a to-do list during your first meeting indicating what documents they will require from you. The quicker you provide the indicated documents to you mortgage broker, the faster the process will be to get your mortgage approved. The lender could request additional documentation, once their underwriters have looked at your application.

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