Rapidly evolving expectations in the housing market

The rapidly evolving expectations in the housing market.

Pandemic-related rules on mortgage deferrals being phased out.

As the mortgage deferral rules tighten, it's time to assess your ability to pay.

Why borrow against your home equity?

Home equity lending is a general term that describes different types of loans where you would use the equity in…

CREA says home sales hit record high in July 2020

With home sales up and mortgage rates down, is this the right time for you as a first time homebuyer…

Five year posted mortgage rate influencing the mortgage 'stress test'.

Lowering of the five year posted mortgage rates influenced the mortgage stress test down by 15 points.

Your credit report and ways to keep your credit score as high as possible. (Part2)

Ways to employ best practices to optimize your credit score on your credit report

Why is my credit score on my credit report different from what Lenders see?

Why is my credit score on my credit report, different from what lenders see?

Bank of Canada hints at no interest rate hikes until 2023

BoC hints at no interest rate hikes until 2023, can you afford to buy a home now?

What is the best Mortgage term now?

With interest rates at a historic low, Canadian homeowners and buyers are eagerly locking in new mortgages. The question however…

Who dropped the ball on mortgage deferrals?

When COVID-19 shut down the Canadian economy in March, homeowners across the country, facing the prospect of falling behind on…

While Mortgage Rates are low, should I think of refinancing?

While mortgage rates have been tumbling steadily over the last couple of months, many are now in record-setting territory. Should…

Buying a home now, or wait?

Housing markets across the country are changing swiftly – but with interest rates at historic lows, this might be a…

Mortgage Insurance Providers won't follow CMHC changes.

Mortgage Default Insurance, commonly referred to as Mortgage Insurance, is typically required by lenders when home buyers make down payment…

CMHC Mortgage Underwriting Changes

CMHC yesterday announced changes to their underwriting guidelines. These changes take affect July 1st, so any application submitted before that…

Qualifying rate drop, time for first-time-homebuyers?

The drop in qualifying rate might open the path for first-time-homebuyers.

CMHC is hinting at increasing the minimum Down Payment

If the minimum down payment policy change, will you still qualify for a mortgage?

Home Refinancing is getting tougher.

More difficult to refinance your home.

Six-month Deferrals could cost you!

Six-month-deferrals could cost you.

Impact on Borrowers and Markets

Impact of COVID-19 on the Mortgage Borrowers and Markets

Build a plan to move into your Dream home.

Use the time now to build a plan to buy your dream home.

Mortgage rates increasing, despite Bank of Canada rate drop

Fixed mortgage rates hiked, discounts on variable rates slashed as banks seek liquidity.

BoC lowers overnight rate and Big Banks are responding.

Big Banks are responding to the overnight rate cut by BoC.

Are you financially ready for a mortgage or will the change in Stress-test impact you?

If you feel financially ready for a mortgage, please contact us to see what you can qualify for.

Changes to the mortgage stress test, will it affect your buying power?

Will the changes to the mortgage stress test affect your buying power?

Your mortgage and divorce

Dividing a major asset during the divorce process can be less stressful if you know your mortgage options.

How to benefit from refinancing your property.

How to benefit from refinancing your property.

First Time Homebuyers are eager to be part of the real estate growth.

As a First Time Homebuyer, it is important to contact us, so that we can assist you with the process.

Investment property is a still a good choice.

If you are interested in buying an investment property, don't delay, contact us to see if it is a viable…

Overnight rate unchanged, time to refinance?

As predicted by the industry experts, the Bank of Canada kept its overnight rate at 1.75% last week. Many homeowners…