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Learn Before You Leap – Mortgage Payment Options

Mortgage Payment Options… Which is the best option for your situation? Once your mortgage has been funded by your lender, you need to decide on how frequently you want to make your mortgage payments. Most people want to pay off their mortgage as quick as possible to save on paying interest. Below are a list…
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Mortgages push household debt to new levels?

While the uptick in mortgages is good news for the industry, the levels of debt could be a future concern once mortgage rates climb upwards. The latest bank data shows that total Canadian outstanding household credit rose to $1.869 trillion in August, up an annualized pace of 5.9% from July. Compared to the previous year,…
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China Weakness could postpone Fed Rate Hike

A significant slide in a preliminary measure of China's factory activity for September is getting more attention than usual because Janet Yellen mentioned concern about China's economic outlook as a reason for Fed caution.  This reduces the odds of a rate hike in October. Excess capacity across a number of industries in China, as well…
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