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Prepping your house to sell, can often require an investment to bring it up to current standards and help it compete in the real estate market.  Especially if you’ve lived in the house for several years.

According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, updating your kitchen, bathrooms, windows and doors are the renovations that most significantly improve the value of a home.

Bathroom and Kitchen renovations

Bathroom and Kitchen renovations are probably the most popular home improvement projects.  According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, you can expect to recover 75% of your investment.

Replacing an outdated vanity, old plumbing and lighting fixtures, or adding a new tile floor, will give your bathroom an updated and modern look.

Proper ventilation is key to improving your indoor air quality, so choosing the right bathroom fan is an important choice.  An easy way to calculate it, is to provide one cubic foot per minute (CFM) per square foot of the bathroom.  The minimum should be 50 CFM.  If your bathroom measure 10 feet by 8 feet, you have 80 square feet and will want a fan rated for at least 80 CFM.

Replacing old windows

New windows can freshen up the appearance of your home and replacing existing windows with energy-efficient ones, can save you a significant amount of money in heating and cooling costs.  Drafty windows can turn off potential buyers.

Smaller projects to increase the value of your home

If you are looking to tackle some smaller remodeling projects, these items will have a big impact on your resale value:

  • A minor Kitchen remodel like upgrading your kitchen lights for example
  • A coat of paint
  • Updating your curb appeal
    • a new coat of paint on the front door
    • Repairs to walkways, steps or the driveway
  • A little landscaping update
  • Installing a new water heater

Renovations do not come cheap, if you’re not sure what to do, the first step is to get an opinion from your real estate agent.

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