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When you picture yourself getting a mortgage, you probably imagine heading to your local bank branch to sit down with a mortgage expert to discuss your options. This was once the standard process, but today it might be a mistake. In Canada, mortgage brokers are becoming more popular than ever, and are often a better choice if you’re looking for the lowest possible mortgage rate.

Even a 0.1% decrease in your mortgage rate today, can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges, over the life of your mortgage, which gives you more buying power today.

  1. Easy: Meeting with a Mortgage Broker has never been easier. Just give us a call or click on this link to contact us. The whole process can also be done remotely.
  2. Free: Using an A-lender, we are compensated by the lender
  3. Better rates: We receive volume discounts from our top lenders, which means you’ll have access to lower mortgage rates than you could secure, if you try to negotiate yourself.
  4. Access to more lenders: When you apply for a mortgage at a bank or credit union, you only have access to the products they offer in-house. With us, as your Mortgage Broker, you’ll have access to dozens of lenders.
  5. Expert Advice: We are the experts at what we do and are accustomed to working with borrowers who may have unique needs. Our knowledgeable Mortgage Brokers have a combined mortgage industry knowledge of over 26 years.
  6. Independent: Since we are independent and don’t work for individual lenders, we can offer advice on a broad range of lenders. We can also advise you on which mortgage products are best for you, and tell you how much mortgage you can afford.

Remember that the most important reason to use one of our mortgage brokers, is because the bank employee works for the bank, while we work for you!

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