New Construction Financing

Client First Mortgage Solutions provides you with protection on your mortgage up until completion of your new home construction. We will protect you from:

  • Mortgage rate increases
  • Changes in personal circumstances
  • Changes in lending policies
  • Change in property values
  • Changes in health and welfare with insurance coverage

We will protect you from changes that may occur between the time you purchased your new home and the time you occupy it, that are beyond your control!

Please check out our directory of Featured Builder Projects. We include content on today’s best rates. If the community you are purchasing is not in the directory below, we may be able to serve your financing needs. Please contact us by email, phone or live chat and we will be pleased to help you.







6 Months

12 Months

3 Yr2.94%3.09%
4 Yr3.09%3.24%
5 Yr3.39%3.54%