Mortgage Rates – Get Ahead of the Rate Train

Get Ahead of the Rate Train

What will rate increases mean for you?

With approximately 47% of mortgages in Canada coming up for renewal in 2018 and in a rising rate climate, it would be wise to consider the impact on our personal mortgage. What will these increases mean for you?

70% of Canadians are in a 5-year fixed-rate mortgage and the Rates these people secured in 2013 are still similar to what is being offered in 2018, so a possible increase in payment that comes along with a slightly higher rate could be quite easy to handle.

Rates are likely to keep rising

However, in 2019 rates will be significantly higher than what consumers locked into in 2014. The payment shock could be substantial. Not to mention that increases in the Prime Rate will also affect unsecured credit such as lines of credit and credit cards. And the Bank of Canada is certainly in an upward trend with the Prime.

What should I do?

Translation… as rates go up for mortgages and other credit accounts, so do payments. What can you do? If your mortgage is maturing this year or in 2019, it is highly advisable to contact Client First Mortgage Solutions and talk with an experienced Mortgage Advisor. You will likely have seen a healthy appreciation in value in your home in the past few years, so perhaps it’s time to get ahead of the "rate train" and consider consolidating your unsecured credit with your mortgage and lock in at today’s still low rates before you start to feel the pinch. Our Mortgage Advisors can evaluate your position and give you advice on what makes sense for you.

How we can help you?

The latest rule changes that came into effect January 1, 2018 could also have an impact on your ability to qualify for what you need, so getting a free evaluation will be more valuable than ever. Contact Client First Mortgages today. We can help you.

Original Article – Dominion Lending Centres -January 24, 2018