Canadian home prices are 'world class"!

Canadian home prices really are ‘world class”, at least in the country’s two hottest markets.

A survey by commercial realtor CBRE shows the price for prime residential property in Toronto and Vancouver has surpassed Rome and is closing in on Paris!  (Vancouver clocks-in at nearly $1,400 a square foot with Toronto at a little above $1,200.  (Top spot goes to London at more than $3,600/sq.ft.)

CBRE cites growing foreign investment as a key reason for the rising prices.  International investors see Canadian real estate as a safe haven.  That’s backed up by high-profile Canadian Economist Sal Gautieri.  He also points to domestic factors:

  • Population growth in Toronto and Vancouver (and Calgary) has outpaced the national average by about 2 to 1 over the past decade
  • Economic prospects remain good in both cities
  • Low financing continues to be a key factor in pricey markets.


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