Wood for high rise buildings?

In 2009, BC passed legislation requiring wood to be considered as the primary building material in all the publicly funded buildings on which it spends about $3 million a year.

In the 5 years since BC increased the height limit for wood-frame buildings, new structures have been popping up all over the province.  In 2009, the province raised the limit for wood-frame buildings to 6 storeys from 4.

Builders can go even higher than 6 storeys if they use mass timber, says a local architect.  Unlike the light-frame or stud construction used to build houses and low-rises, mass timber is made by bonding together thin layers of wood to create a material that is much stronger and more fire-resistant than lumber.  He has been one of the world’s strongest voices in support of tall wood buildings.  He claims that mass timber construction can be used for structures as tall as 30 storeys.  He is now convinced that this number could even go to 40 of 45!

As these buildings push higher and higher, concrete and steel will be incorporated into the structure in an attempt to get the most out of each material.

Original article from www.vancouversun.com/business